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Wildstar Guides: Rare Mob Map and Items Loot

Last article we have introduced the new map of Wildstar Blighthaven, there are lots of interesting and new content in the recently Strain Update. There are 15 rare mobs you can encounter while adventuring through Blighthaven. After experiencing all rares, you can complete the achievement “I LIKE IT RARE:BLIGHTHAVEN”. The most attractive thing about Rare Mob in Blighthave is that will drop unique items. Armed with this type of items will give you a new imbuement task.

So, there is a player made a map for Blighthaven and Rare Mobs so that we can easy to finish the adventure fast.


Wildstar Blighthaven


The Bumbler
Coordinates: 1299, -5028
Level 50, 163, 5k HP. Probably the easiest rare in Blighthaven to kill. Drops small mushrooms that explode when you come close to them, performs frontal cone telegraph Flurry of the Buzzbing.


Wildstar Bumbler


Aeroth the Sentinel
Coordinates: 1657, -5503
Level 50, 156k HP. Has similar attacks as his not so lethal friends Gilded Archguardians. Although his melee attacks are not so lethal, in combination with his telegraphs, like Cull (frontal cone) and Swirlwind (AOE around Aeroth the Sentinel with frontal push), they can be deadly.


Wildstar Aeroth sentinel


Wretch the Impure
Coordinates: 2037, -4752
Level 50, 158k HP, infested version of Aeroth the Sentinel. It has strong ranged attacks. They become more deadly in combination with Eliven buff (Increases Critical Strike Chance by 25%). Range telegraph Infestation (small circle under players feet) and Swarm Storm (frontal cone) are some skills you should be careful about as well.


Wildstar wretch impure


Gnarly Hookfoot
Coordinates: 2312, -5315
Level 50, 158k HP, similar to Radical Hookfoot. His telegraphs are extremely deadly. Move away from them as soon as possible. They come in form of frontal cone telegraph (Life Leech), circle telegraph under players feet with chance of expanding (Caustic Leap) and so on.


Wildstar Gnarly Hoodfoot


Radical Hookfoot
Coordinates: 2805, -5388
Level 50, 158k HP, similar to Gnarly Hookfoot. Has same behavior and attacks as Gnarly Hookfoot. Make sure not to take them for granted.


Wildstar Radical Hookfoot


Dramatic Skug Queen
Coordinates: 2667, -5661
Level 50, 169k HP, rather large and funny looking creature. Has series of telegraphs that it likes to cast a lot: Add Splash (large AOE around him, with only a few spots to hide in), Royal Offense (large frontal cone), Sticky Spit (small frontal cone, it can debuff player with 45% reduced movement speed). Avoid Sticky Split at any cost, it makes moving away from other telegraphs a lot harder.


Wildstar Dramatic Skug Queen


Coordinates: 2455, -5213
Level 50, 153k HP, rather unique and cool looking rare mob. It has ranged attacks and telegraphs. Most of them are large circular telegraphs cast near player’s location. Soultaker can also mess up the player’s movement controls making it extremely hard to avoid other damaging spells.


Wildstar Soultaker


Bogus Fraz
Coordinates: 2376, -5682
Level 50, 156k HP, infected version of Soultaker. It also has circular telegraphs. Telegraphs like Ethereal Emission (instant circle around him), Flux Fusion (couple of circles with mob splitting up into Fusing Fraz versions of him and spawning on those circles).


Wildstar Bogus Fraz


Gnashing Cankertube Garr
Coordinates: 2850, -5591
Level 50, 164k HP, melee crocodile looking rare mob. Gnashing Cankertube Garr has no telegraphs (or at least he refused to cast them on me). Instead of telegraphs he has rather strong melee attacks. Kill or die is his tactic.


Wildstar Gnashing Cankertube Garr


The Stump
Coordinates: 2173, -5782
Level 50, 164k HP. Type of creature you might have had a chance of meeting in the starting zone areas. Don’t get fooled by his looks, this is one powerful rare mob. It is crucial to stay away from his telegraphs. Telegraphs like: Growing Purge (frontal cone), Root Eruption (AOE circle around him), One with the Earth (number one telegraph for avoiding, it has two shapes that he casts around him, move far away from him as he cast the first one), Ancient Spores (many small circle telegraphs around players location) and more.


Wildstar stump


Fool’s Gold
Coordinates: 2690, -6371
Level 50, 188k HP, large stone elemental type of a creature. It is hard to notice him, as he has almost the same color as his surroundings. Standing in his telegraphs more then a second will take you to the point of no return. Explosive Debris telegraph attack can almost one shot players. He can also knockdown players making it hard to dodge telegraphs. Some other telegraphs you should be aware of are Maelstrom (AOE Circle around him) and Rock Swipe (frontal cone).


Wildstar fool gold


NG Protector One
Coordinates: 2299, -6288; 2470, -6418
Level 50, 132k HP and 38k Shield. This Eldan looking creature has powerful melee attacks and even more deadly Telegraphs. Telegraphs like Homing Missile Salvo (circle telegraph that is cast on players location), Acrobatic Dash (frontal cone charge), Energy Storm (large number of circle telegraphs that are cast in short period of time at different locations around player)… Keep in mind that this rare mob can get into a conflict with nearby 5+ mobs, thus leaving you without loot as they can do more damage than you and having the system deny you of kill credit.


Wildstar NG Protector One


Coordinates: 3144, -6762
Level 50, 158k HP, white and funny looking creature with his large teeth. Has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Standing in the area of his underground attack will one shots players. Not so lethal, but also to be avoided, telegraphs are Playful Mauling (frontal cone) and Carnage (frontal cone)


Wildstar Marmota


Ruga the Ageless
Coordinates: 3521, -6036
Level 50, 169k HP, large turtle looking creature. Found on top of a tall hill. You can climb to this location from the west. Tends to cast large telegraphs that take time to complete and are easy to avoid. Watch out for spells like Violent Roar (frontal cone), Rumble and Shake (AOE around him) and others.


Wildstar Ruga Ageless


Coordinates: 3916, -5689
Level 50, 188k HP, large turtle looking creature with large crystals as part of his shell. You can find him at this location between two rather tall boulders. His melee and range circle telegraphs are easy to avoid.


Wildstar lightback


Coordinates: 3811, -5793
Level 50 with only 44k HP. Grace is found around Grove of Hope. Grace has the lowest health pool of all rare mobs found in Blighthaven. Reason behind is that Grace might only spawns when there is an attack on the nearby Grove of Hope, but I was not able to confirm this.


Wildstar grace