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You can get the Gold Metal of Wildstar Crimelords of Whitevale easy

The Crimelords of Whitevale must be the easiest map in all Adventure. While, you still should choose the right route to finish this challenge. There are three directions in this map.

1.The Darkspur
2.The Redmoon Marauders
3.Protostar Corporation


crimelords whitevale


The Redmoon Marauders is the easiest one among three routes. If your team has a good Tank, the Healer in your group can totally change to DPS help you guys finish challenge fast!

The requirements to get Gold Metal in Crimelords of Whitevale is easy. After you finished all quest, and the death only once. Now, we are glad to introduce some key points in this combat!


crimelords whitevale quest


1. The Quest Selection Order


wildstar fires


2.Pay Attentions, one blizzard day, your would be frozen in the process of advance. If you far away from the house, please find the fire to warm up, otherwise you would die! And don’t hold lamp to make policeman catch you!

To encounter this boss, you should notice keep standing here to waiting Boss come here after Tank finished the conversation. When you boss run back, don’t chase him so that this battle would be easy and relaxed.


wildstar boss 44


As for the last boss, it is very easy as long as you avoid the boss skill. In the end, you can get the Gold Metal of Crimelords of Whitevale easy.