WildStar-Platinum.com tracks WildStar Platinum development for you

WildStar Platinum is the universal currency of the game and used by all eight races. Aside from the usual questing and leveling, the most popular means of obtaining Platinum tend to be crafting and trade-skill related

The WildStar Arenas and Battlegrounds PVP details

The latest WildStar DevSpeak focuses on Arenas and Battlegrounds and finally reveals additional information about PvP features. The interesting thing is that both features have much in common:

Blizzard designers gets a release date for WildStar

WildStar, the upcoming PC MMO developed by former Blizzard Entertainment designers, finally has a release date. Developer Carbine Studios announced today that the sci-fi MMO will launch worldwide on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

Wildstar Details & System Requirements

If you are ready to enter the number 6.3 wildstar and started playing with friends, you need to understand wildstar the most basic information and system requirements.

WildStar-Platinum.com: A Beginner's WildStar Guide

There are many choices new players must make within the first moments launching the WildStar client that will have a huge impact on your long-term experience.

What we know so far about Warplots in WildStar

The following is a list of known facts about Warplots! If you know something that isn't listed below pls kind share with us:)

What's your impression on WildStar

So I heard about Wildstar while playing RuneScape. I hadn't heard of Wildstar until someone mentioned it in global chat because of their discontent with something or another in RS. Being a NCSoft game I had some suspicion as to whether this would be very good

WildStar Guide: Introductions about the Six WildStar Classes for Newbies

WildStar will be launched this June, and many online game players are looking forward to its coming. If you want to be a hero in a totally different environment in your own path, then WildStar would be a perfect choice.
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