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Madden NFL 18 Is Getting A Fresh Update

Electronic Arts Madden NFL 18 is now getting a fresh update, which should benefit future Xbox One X owners. For the first time, namely, a football game of the Madden series appear in high-resolution 4K and on top of that still run in liquid 60 frames per second.



And these are the following features of the new Xbox One X update to Madden NFL 18:


Resolution increases from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD: Thanks to the Frostbite Engine, players now have an even deeper, higher-resolution gaming experience that enables even more realistic gameplay.

Gameplay Runs at a Consistent 60 frames per second (fps): With the higher frame rate players get even better ways to increase the gameplay and performance.

More Detailed Characters: Now players are even more detailed thanks to the high-resolution textures, bringing even more life to the screen.


Furthermore, the new update for Madden NFL 18 includes a few improvements, which are listed as follows:


Top updates

Pass Accuracy tuning.

Addressed MUT squads improper XP awards.

Tuning to balance Coach Adjustments.

Replaced the "Bluff Blitz" hot route with "Hard Flat" for Inside linebackers.

Addressing issues around the camera on a flip-flop.


Full Change List



Updated NFL records for Offline (already available in Cloud).

Addressed issue presenting certain menus in 4K.

Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via Play Now Live.

Made stability improvements.



Tuned to increase pass accuracy when throwing in a clean pocket with feet set in competitive game style.

Tuned to decrease pass accuracy when throwing across the QB's body at drastic angles and making back-foot throw.

Tuned to decrease defensive penalty for using the pass. Running plays in all game style.

Added logic for Conservative Ball Carrier Coaching Adjustment - here's a very low chance for defender fakeouts.

Tuning to increase frequency of holding penalties when the Aggressive Blocking Coaching Adjustment is active.

Tuned to increase frequency of offsides penalties when the Aggressive Pass Rush Coaching Adjustment is active.

Addressed issues resulting in catches being knocked out by minimal defensive contact.

Addressed issues around a camera during the camera flip on turnover

Addressed online grieving exploits spamming the fake Snap mechanic to stop the clock intentionally and intentionally Encroaching to keep the clock runnin

Addressed issue resulting in an incorrect field position after a touchback occurs on a missed field goal.

Addressed issue where kick return player would get stuck in a penalty assignment after colliding with a teammate.

Tuned to ensure plays populate in the Run / Pass Counter.

Added Skills Trainer Gauntlet stability improvement.

Added a controller-rumble prompt in MUT Squads to notify user-controlled receivers when the ball is snapped.

Tuning to address in motion to line up in linebacker when showing lightning in the dollar formation.


MUT Squads

Addressed issues around incorrect xp awards.



Addressed rare issue around Field goal.


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