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Rich and diverse as any other the genre has seen was promised to WildStar

WildStar appears to be an MMORPG done right. Everything from its crafting to its combat is thoroughly in-depth, and the world of Nexus promises to be as rich and diverse as any other the genre has seen. Carbine does introduce what they call a path system, which does bring something new to the MMO-table. When you create your character, you choose whether that character is an explorer, a soldier, a scientist or a settler.


WildStar promises


This system is separate from the class system, and helps define what type of content you will be presented with. As an explorer, for instance, you will be tasked with climbing the highest peaks or delve into the deepest caverns. As a settler, however, you get to build improvements to the map that everyone playing get to reap the benefits of, giving you bonuses for each person using them. This makes the shopping list of quests a bit more customized to your play style, but don't get me wrong, it's still a shopping list.

Of course like all MMO titles, WildStar opens up when you’ve reached max level, this is when you can traverse dungeons with other players as you take on 2 of three available roles whether it be healer, damage dealer or tank. Each of you has to keep to your role otherwise you will die quickly as enemies in dungeons are tougher. The battle system takes on a simple mechanic of telegraphing which shows ahead of you the area of effect of any attack you choose in a type of shaded rectangular box. Any enemies inside here when you unleash your attack will be affected although there is a key you can use that auto aims but it’s not entirely effective when in large scale battles.

An optional feature in WildStar which i must recommend is the Sky Plot system which is a housing system. These don’t come cheap but they allow you to create your own base which has some cool rewards like your very own workbench for WildStars extensive crafting system amongst other useful features and also logging out in your plot gives you a rested bonus earning you extra experience whenever you log back in. Again a previously used mechanic but well executed here.