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WildStar is a massively interesting game which deserves to play

WildStar is a massively interesting game which deserves to play. WildStar plays identical to the likes of World of Warcraft, you control your created character which can be one of six classes and eight races, each of which are just buttered up mages, warriors or the sneaky variety. Then you must choose one of four paths which is where this game starts to become a little unique. The path you choose determines the type of side quests you will encounter throughout your time on Nexus, each are different and unique to one another. The path system is a fantastic means to replay the game as different paths means different item pickups and quest types and it took be quite a while to be satisfied with my choice.

The conclusion about the solo content of Wildstar is, as a whole, disappointing nonetheless. Carbine sticks too much to safe conventions we've seen in this genre the last decade. The path system, the creative map design and the active combat system certainly help, but they are not enough to save this part of the game.


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This said, you would be able to rightfully point out that Wildstar's strength is not in its solo content, but rather in the group content. There are three types of group missions in the game: adventures, dungeons and raids.

Adventures are set in relatively open areas in which groups of five players complete a series of tasks that take them all around the map, with a boss fight to round things off. This content has a very low bar of entry, and is a great way for inexperienced MMO players to get a feel of how the group content of the game plays. The difficulty is sufficiently high for you to stumble and fall, but low enough for you to be able to get up and try again.

Every player can purchase an instanced plot of land early in the game. Starting out overgrown and infested with mobs the plot can eventually be upgraded with multiple styles of house as well as resource gathering points, buff and daily quest giving objects on the surrounding land. Both the interior and exterior of houses can be decorated with housing items dropped by mobs, received as quest rewards or crafted.