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Several modes of PVP offering in WildStar

With a rock solid group portion of the game, even though that lacks innovation, Wildstar manages to establish its niche in the MMO space. The active combat system improves the experience of every area of the game, but I wish Carbine had done more to make the content as refreshing. Especially the solo portions of the game feel like a massive shopping trip, and I had more than my fill of this very early on. If you can manage to plow through this, and appreciate a challenging - if familiar - end game, Wildstar may in fact be a worthwhile purchase.


wildstar pvp


Wildstar has several modes of PvP to offer. You can duel 1v1 anywhere or 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 in an arena mode. Here, nothing but the number of kills decides the victor. In battlegrounds, two teams of ten players fight over various objectives. On the two maps that are currently in the game, you either fight to collect a set number of masks before the time runs out or take turns attacking or defending control points. Of these modes I certainly prefer the latter, as the objectives make the fight more interesting than simply who manages to kill more of the opposing team. With the somewhat boring solo content in mind, the PvP is refreshing, especially considering the fact that you can level up while PvPing.

The demo allowed the player to select one of three pre-made characters. Carbine, the game’s developer, has said there will be eight races and several classes, as well as full character customization. The demo also allowed players to choose from two of the game’s four paths. The path system is something new to me, and it provides players with a set of side quests based around a theme as they progress through the game. The Explorer path sends players to out-of-the-way locations, showcasing the wilds and rewarding players who enjoy seeing the hidden places in zones, finding the underground waterfalls and sweeping vistas. The Soldier path, as may be expected, is for players who want to focus on combat and it gives them missions defending NPCs and vanquishing monsters.

The other two paths, Scientist and Settler, were not available in the demo. The Scientist path was explained as one focused on studying creatures and objects in the new world, delving deeper into the lore of WildStar, while the Settler path is all about interacting with and helping other people throughout the game. Since the paths consist of side quests, they do not have a lasting impact on the nuts-and-bolts stats and mechanics of a character, but provide thematic experiences to help players enjoy the game and settle into their chosen role.