Wildstar head start Realm list of North America and Europe

Although Wildstar Open beta and Ops Week is close now, the head start is around the corner, what is it going to be PvE or PvP server?

The Fast way to leveling up in Wildstar

It is by no means easy that leveling up in wildstar.But you can follow this content, which is a completely compact leveling guide and addons details , and contains monsters for every area, and offers unlocks ready for specific race and levels.

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We offer fast and safe WildStar Platinum to players in our store. It is a good way to save your time and energy for further exploration. Just choose your current level and your desired level in certain time, and we will help you get what you want as you required.

WildStar's PvE side of the Elder Game equation

PvE and PvP, like two sides of a coin. Ha, yeah right. Everyone knows PvE is where it's at. Carbine Studios agrees, which is why they slapped me in the face with WildStar's PvE awesomeness last week during a press event showcasing many the game's previously unrevealed core features.

More Wildstar Features Details Preview

WildStar is the future fantasy MMORPG where players can make their mark as Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists or Settlers and lay claim to a mysterious planet on the edge of known space.

There are Six Wildstar Classes for you choose to PvP

As it known to all, the WildStar Head Start will be open on May 31formally. As long as you preorder the WildStar account, you have chance to enter this game this month. Sounds great?

How to install Addons in Wildstar

Addons are small programs written in LUA programming language, that provide additional features to the game. The most popular add-ons can be found on the Curse website, where you can browse addons for different games.

It Is Important To Get A Quest Learn Wildstar Tradeskills

It is important to get a quest learn tradeskills before you can learn any tradeskills at level 10. If you didn't do it when you got it, you must go back to the area you get the quest at. Below are the locations for the quests, depending on faction and starting area.

WildStar class Medic introduction

n the WildStar Medic is a particular occupation, when the treatment team members can create a lot of damage in the early stages, he more than super-capable [Esper] and shoot those who curse] [Spellslinger harder to upgrade

What are WildStar's Battlegrounds

WildStar offers a range of battlegrounds from as early as level 6. You can also level up while slaughtering the opposing faction allowing those that adore PVP to never leave.

WildStar Guide:Medic Healer Tier Point Analysis

LAS selection and Ability tiering are the first steps in tuning our Medic to best handle certain kinds of content or our preferred playstyle. In this post I will look at how Medic Support Abilities stack up against one another and try to value the different places to put your precious 41 Tier points.

Chief basic guide to Crafting in WildStar

In an effort to better understand Wildstar crafting and to give those that have yet to experience it a better understand of what to expect. Here is a bit of information about every Tradeskill and Hobby.
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