Several modes of PVP offering in WildStar

With a rock solid group portion of the game, even though that lacks innovation, Wildstar manages to establish its niche in the MMO space.

Wildstar Guides: Rare Mob Map and Items Loot

Last article we have introduced the new map of Wildstar Blighthaven, there are lots of interesting and new content in the recently Strain Update.

Wildstar Update Notes: Class Balancing, Bug Fixes and More

A new update patch hit the client overnight bringing more bug fixes, class balancing/adjustments and more. If you want to know what wasn't fixed, just read the first few comments on the official forums - they always let us know!

Are WildStar Dungeons Too Hard?

We have met some post related with WildStar Leveling Dungeons in Reddit and forums. Dungeon is also a good place to farm wildstar gold. And there is a survey among players about the difficulties of Dungeons in their eyes.

Who looking for a good route to enable them to make some extra gold

This article is Anhrez's patented 30 minute loop through Auroria for mid-level Dominion players who looking for a good route to enable them to farm/make some extra gold.

Questing and Crafting Guides in Wildstar

Questing in WildStar functions very similarly to other games in the genre, the difference however is that you can often claim your rewards and hand in your quest via mobile telephone.

Wildstar Guides: The State of the Architect

I was recently asked what I thought the State of the Architect was in WildStar. So in response, I felt it necessary to review each aspect and try and express my feelings about each area.

How to Protect your Account?

Even if you have never had your MMO account stolen before, you probably know somebody who has suffered this fate. It's absolutely brutal.

Walatiki Temple Tips and Tricks in Wildstar

Walatiki Temple is a 10 v 10 battleground available at level 6. It's easy to learn and fun to play. Even if you don't normally play BG's, try it out -- the rewards can be sweet! I've acquired some nice gear pieces when leveling up.

Wildstar Guides: Movement and Crowd Control

WildStar does two things differently when it comes to movement and crowd control. The first is the fact you can not only double jump (just hit space bar twice) but can also dash.

You can get the Gold Metal of Wildstar Crimelords of Whitevale easy

The Crimelords of Whitevale must be the easiest map in all Adventure. While, you still should choose the right route to finish this challenge. There are three directions in this map.

WildStar Medic Guides: Become an Immortal and Helpful Class

After many years' experiences in locked pattern MMORPG, the lock-free and AOE damage model in WildStar seems a little unusual to us. If you want to catch up with the game as well as being using in the team, you can choose the class Medic.
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